Compound management

Integrated system for compound storage and sample preparation consists of several interconnected modules: two automated and integrated freezers ASM store (Hamilton) (-20 °C) with inert environment (N2) for long-term storage of chemical compounds and logistics module ASM server (Hamilton). These three modules are connected to the integrated robotic liquid handling workstation Vantage (Hamilton), which is used for dispensing, copying and reformatting of microplates in 96/384/1536 formats. Other parts of the system: Microplate barcode labeler (Agilent), centrifuge HiG (Bionex) and microplate sealer Kube sealer (KBioscience) and automated microplate seal removal XPeel (Brooks). The system has a capacity of 2,200 microplates and 99,000 tubes (1.4 ml) in the 96 format, and max 970,000 samples for microplates in the 384 format.